About Us

Founded in 1997 by Dr. Marc McElhaney, Critical Response Associates (CRA) is a national team of psychologists and behavioral specialists who specialize in the general areas of threat assessment, crisis management and violence prevention.

Our primary goal is to help organizations quickly and safely resolve and/or manage the events and conflicts that are disruptive, costly or potentially dangerous – which may include any critical situation that represents a risk to the organization requiring experienced third-party intervention.

CRA goes beyond just providing generic psychological risk evaluations. Our associates have a long history of active involvement in the strategic decision-making process that helps to not just assess a case, but to find ways to safely manage and resolve it, in seamless integration with your leadership team. CRA has a 100% success rate in helping keep companies safe and secure by protecting employees from the impact of crisis and expensive litigation.

In recent years, CRA has expanded its services to include a comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Program with related videos and training materials, developed based on what we have learned through our experiences in literally thousands of these cases.

Since our founding, we have provided consultation and training to over 300 organizations (including many Fortune 100 companies) across a variety of diverse industries and environments, managing an average of 250-300 high-risk cases annually.

Our goal is to manage every situation to its safest conclusion with minimal costs to the client, with an emphasis on long-term solutions. We like to say that when we walk away from a situation, then everyone can walk away feeling safe.