Our Clients

CRA provides consultation and training services to employers in diverse industries and organizations, including both Fortune 100 companies and smaller organizations.

Industries include:
Public Utilities
Food and Bottling Services
Information Technology
Law Enforcement Agencies
Computer/Software Industry
Hotels and Restaurants
Hospitals and Emergency Services
Energy Production and Delivery Services
Banking and Finance
Schools and Colleges
Broadcasting and Media
Security Consulting Firms and their clients
Retail Insurance
Industry Law firms and their clients
Medical Clinics

Because of the nature of our work, and out of respect to the privacy of our clients, it is our policy not to reveal our clients by name. With their permission, we have included below what some of our clients have said about us, in their correspondence to us. Many of our clients have agreed to serve as references: their contact information are always available on request.

Read what some of our clients have said about us.