“Dr. McElhaney and Critical Response Associates have helped many of our client companies not only protect the safety of their employees during critical times but have very simply, saved them money, in terms of potential litigation costs and the numerous other indirect costs that occur when companies experience a traumatic event. Plus, utilizing their prevention program will protect the company from future incidents and charges of negligence – at a cost far less than what the company will have to incur to address even one threat-related incident.”

Chad Shultz

Attorney, Ford & Harrison, LLP

Costs to the Organization

There are many reasons to address the issue of aggressive behavior within your organization. Violence and aggressive behaviors can lead to:

  • Loss of Life
  • Your Employees’ Physical Safety
  • Property Damage/Vandalism
  • Lawsuits and Attorney Consultation Costs
  • Health Care Expenses
  • Security Costs
  • Worker Compensation Claims
  • Decreased Efficiency
    • Increased absences
    • Employee turnover/premature separation
    • Interference with productivity
    • Diversion of resources
    • Effects on Employee Morale
    • Damage To The Company’s Reputation (i.e., going “Postal”)

The Organization’s Obligations

Legal and regulatory decisions and actions have emerged that underscore the general consensus that employers have a “duty of care” to safeguard their employees and customers.

  • OSHA Requirements: Beginning in 1994, OSHA’s policy has been to increasingly cite employers who failed to adequately protect their workers from acts of violence, under Section 5(a) of the OSH Act and under its “General Duty” clause.
  • Legal Implications: The courts are permitting employees to bring suits under various charges of negligence, with some rather dramatic and costly examples of the success of these lawsuits for the plaintiffs:
    • Negligent hiring
    • Negligent retention
    • Negligent termination
    • Negligent security
    • Negligent referencing/duty to warn
    • Negligent training

The overall result of all this is that if a violent act or threat occurs in the workplace and the company could have known about it or should have known about it and did not respond adequately or were not adequately prepared, then they it may be determined that they may bear some responsibility and liability.

The Stats*

  • There are 7000 homicides (2007) and approximately two million assaults and threats of violence per year in the workplace.
  • Workplace homicide has been described as the fastest growing form of homicide in the country, accounting for 20% of all violent crime, and increasing over 400% over the last decade.
  • The leading cause of death on the job for women is homicide.
  • The second leading cause of death on the job for men is homicide.
  • One out of every four employees is attacked, threatened, harassed verbally or physically at work every year.
  • It's estimated that corporate America spends roughly $36 billion per year (not including indirect costs) in the aftermath of workplace violence.
  • Assaults at work cost an average of 3.5 lost days at work per incident, with annual total lost wages estimated to be more than $55 million.
  • 74% of abused women reported that some of the abuse occurred while they were at work.
  • Intimate partner violence alone accounts for nearly 8.0 million days of paid work each year.
  • In spite of these statistics, approximately 43 percent of those threatened and 24 percent of those attacked at work don't report the incident.
  • In a 2009 survey, workplace violence topped the security concerns of Security Directors nationwide.

*Sources: Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Study on Workplace Violence, U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Safe Workplace Institute, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Society for Human Resource Management, Security Director News, Institute for Crisis Management, ASIS International.


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