Psychological Assessment

Fitness-For-Duty Evaluations are often requested when an employee is exhibiting behaviors that suggest that the employee is no longer capable or "fit" to carry out the basic duties of his or her position, due to possible psychological or medical factors. At issue may actually be the safety of either that employee or their co-workers.

The psychologists in CRA's network are credentialed and highly qualified professionals with years of extensive experience in the area of threat assessment, crisis negotiation and "fitness" evaluations.

This evaluation offers the employer an opportunity to render a decision based on objective findings by a qualified professional. Each evaluation considers carefully the requirements of that specific position along with the legal and ethical ramifications of such decisions. The benefit of this evaluation is to address and prevent problems before they result in tragic consequences.

If you are experiencing a situation that involves behaviors by an employee that are of concern, please feel free to Contact us to discuss this matter.