Benefits of a Threat Assessment Consultant

Sometimes, when an individual is exhibiting behavior that suggests a possible risk to employees or customers, it can be beneficial to consult with a specialist, prior to termination, with the following benefits:

Threat Assessment

When a potentially dangerous individual or situation is identified, there is a legal obligation to investigate and respond. Determining whether someone represents a real threat is a difficult process, which often requires a rather specialized evaluation process. An outside consultant often can also access information that the employer cannot reasonably obtain.

Threat Management

Response Strategy

Based on this risk assessment, the consultant can help management formulate the appropriate response to reduce risks to the company and its employees, both immediate and in the long-term.

Defusing Violence

The consultant will often engage the subject, not only to assess the level of risk but also to help manage and reduce the threat. In most situations involving conflict, a third party is required to de-escalate and negotiate with angry individuals in a more effective and expeditious manner than is possible (or desirable) with those within the organization.


An outside consultant will be better able to monitor and follow-up with a potentially violent employee, by having a less restricted access to outside resources and to the subject himself.


Many incidents involving terminated employees are because the individual could not separate effectively from the company. The company is not able to aid in that separation without a risk of reinforcing the relationship or even inflaming the subject. Often, a terminated employee identified as high-risk is more effectively managed and therefore monitored by a third party liaison.

Coordination of Resources

An outside consultant can manage and coordinate external resources in a way that management cannot. These external resources can be quite valuable in long-range management and monitoring of high-risk individuals.

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