Workplace Violence Threat & Risk Assessment

Many organizations will experience critical incidents that can threaten the stability, productivity and safety of its employees. This may be the result of ongoing interpersonal conflict, a difficult employee or a perceived threat of workplace violence.

The consulting psychologists at CRA have assisted numerous companies in the assessment and management of critical, potentially harmful incidents, to a successful conclusion.

Our response is immediate. We initially assess the severity of the situation, and then recommend a comprehensive plan of action to defuse, stabilize, manage and ultimately resolve the situation as quickly and as safely as possible.

Workplace Violence Threat and Risk Assessment services include:

  • Initial Remote Risk Screening (by telephone if necessary)
  • Analyzing/Profiling Threatening Communications
  • Collateral Interviews
  • Comprehensive Psychological Risk Assessment
  • Strategic Response Planning
  • Evaluating Risks Related to Stalking and Domestic Violence

Through experience, we have found that consultation by telephone has often been sufficient and very effective in many of these situations. Learn more about The Benefits of a Threat Assessment Consultant.