Preventing Violence In The Workplace



A New Training Program

Preventing Workplace Violence

A program for employees and managers

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OSHA and the courts have made it increasingly clear that employers have an obligation to keep their employees free from harm as a result of violent or aggressive behavior. The problem that we have repeatedly experienced is that all of our preparations fall short if the employees and their supervisors are not aware of and actively involved in the process. However, it is often cost prohibitive to continually bring trainers in to educate continually evolving groups of employees.

For this reason, we have developed a training/awareness program that can be shown to all employees as part of their initial orientation or ongoing training, to educate them as to the designated reporting process and the basic warning signs of potentially high-risk individuals. There is also an additional section for supervisors that includes techniques for recognizing high-risk employees and managing potentially volatile situations.

This video was developed both as a succinct, stand-alone basic program that can be shown to all employees by itself, or as the core of a more comprehensive program. Packaged with this DVD will be a “train-the-trainer” program, that will include instruction, manuals, and supporting materials, including Powerpoint slides, that those in the organization can use to deliver more extensive and “live” programs for their employees.

The program was also developed such that it can be easily customized, to render it more company-specific, and can be produced to be consistent with your company’s image and message. For more information on this product, or if you wish to purchase, contact Dr. McElhaney directly at 404-870-9777. Further information will be available on our website.